Mr. Captain Doctor Strange, Sir.

In between actually making paintings with the intention of expressing something, I make fan art like this. This is one of my favorite Marvel characters. I will be leaving to start my second year of college in a few weeks, so I am vigorously creating art to get me through all the work ahead of […]

Colorful Lady Part Two

This is take two of some human form watercolors I’ve done. It’s been interesting to create work I have above average attachment to, although I will eventually misplace everything I make. This was more successful of the two paintings I’ve made in this style, and took far less time to create. I sketched the human […]

Not a Self Portrait

Recently, I’ve been immensely intrigued with a commercial photographer who publishes primarily self-portraits online. I adore her work because: A) The photographs are a very specific brand of brillant while also simple as well as B) She presents the very real frustrations of making images and just being human in general. So, I have chosen […]

Round Two for Bob

Say hello to watercolor portrait number three, which is also the second painting I’ve made which is technically ‘fan art’. I usually feel strange venturing into this territory because its always abnormal to study someones face for a prolonged period. But Bob was and always will be the exception to not making fan art. The […]